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Here, you’ll find the information you need for your first visit, as well as policies and answers to general questions you may have. Please don’t hesitate to call our office at (850) 477-9253 if you’d like to speak with one of our team members.

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What to Bring

to your Appointment

We value your time. By bringing the following items and completed forms to your scheduled appointment, we can ensure your experience with us is as efficient and seamless as possible.

If you’re a new patient, please plan to arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment to allow enough time for check-in. Established patients may arrive 15 minutes prior to their appointment.

Please ensure you have the following items:

Completed new patient paperwork (new patients only)

A listing of medications you are currently taking (a form is included in your new patient paperwork)

Your insurance card

A valid driver’s license or ID

Your latest x-rays or CT scan (if directed to do so by physician)

Downloadable Forms

Our office staff will direct you to fill out some or all of the following forms. Filling out the forms prior to your appointment gives us the ability to streamline and expedite the check-in process.

Insurance Information

Making care more accessible.

Navigating the world of health insurance can be overwhelming. As your advocate, we’ll work with you and your insurance company to help you understand your benefits and the insurance process.

Pensacola Lung Group accepts and files claims for most insurance carriers. All co-pays and deductibles are due at time of service. Our caring staff will work hand-in-hand with you to pre-determine your benefits and any out-of-pocket expenses you may be responsible for. If an insurance company does not remit payment within 45 days of service, a bill will be generated for this service. Payment for non-covered services is due at time of service.

We want you to receive the care you deserve. Talk to us about alternate payment arrangements that may be made in advance of your appointment date with the billing office.

Office Policies

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Appointments are generally scheduled between 8:00am and 4:30pm. Depending on the amount of preparation time needed, the nursing staff will check patients in 15-30 minutes prior to the actual appointment time. Arriving more than 15 minutes past the time for check-in may result in rescheduling of the appointment.

All of our physicians care for patients in area hospitals as well in the office. From time to time, emergencies in the hospital require their immediate attention. Every attempt is made to keep their schedules on time. However, if they are running behind, they will be in the office immediately after the emergency. Communication between the nurse and the physician will be made and you will be informed accordingly. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Appointment Cancellations

The Pensacola Lung Group provides appointment reminders to patients approximately three days in advance of their scheduled appointment times. However, patients are ultimately responsible for remembering their appointments. Any non-cancellation (not showing up) of an existing appointment will result in a separate charge of $25.00.

To cancel or change your appointment, you can either call our office or send an e-mail to appointments@lunggroup.org.

Outstanding Accounts and Co-pay policy

Co-pays and outstanding account balances will be paid at time of service. Services that are not covered by insurance, we request payment at the time of your appointment. Your insurance company may also require you to pay a co-payment at the time of your appointment. When necessary, our staff will work closely with the patients who require a payment plan.

When outstanding balances are due, no further appointments will be made until the debt is satisfied. Again, if there is difficulty with payment, our billing staff will work with you to assist in ways to make payments if needed.

Prescription Refills

Because of the laws concerning prescription medications and the need to avoid dangerous medication interactions, all prescription refills must be handled during our regular office hours of operation, when patient records are available.

New and Existing Refills:
Please contact your pharmacist directly. Pharmacists will contact our office. Allow 2 business days for processing. Medications will not be prescribed during weekends. Non-pulmonary mediations will not be prescribed (Patients must contact their primary care doctor).

Be sure and call your pharmacy at least 24 hours prior to your medications “running out”. Your pharmacy will then contact our office with the necessary information so that we may approve or deny your request.

Telephone Calls

All calls to doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants or nurses are directed to the nursing line voicemail. Calls will be returned within two business days of receipt. Please do not call back and leave another message; this time is needed so the nurses can get your records information and allow the physicians enough time to review your request and get an answer back to you.

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Here are a few frequently asked questions. Please consult with us if you have any specific questions!

Q: Do I need a referral to see a Pensacola Lung Group physician?

A: YES. We kindly request your physician to send your request referral to ensure continuity of your care.

Q: What are your office policies?

A: You can find a full listing of our office policies here.

Q: What is a pulmonologist?

A: A Pulmonologist is a physician who possesses specialized knowledge and skill in the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary (lung) conditions and diseases. Pulmonology is classified as an internal medicine subspecialty. Because of the variety of clinical problems encountered, knowledge of internal medicine and other specialties is required in order to obtain certification.

Q: What is a nurse practitioner or physician assistant (extenders)?

A: Extenders provide many of the primary health care services to individuals that physicians provide. In general, extender care is characterized by an emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention and, in addition, involves the diagnosis and management of common acute illnesses/injuries and stable chronic diseases. In the provision of these services, extenders may order, conduct, and interpret appropriate diagnostic and laboratory tests and prescribe pharmacologic agents, treatments, and nonpharmacological therapies. The general scope of services provided by extenders has three main categories: assessment of health status, diagnosis, and case management.

Q: What insurance providers do you accept?

A: Pensacola Lung Group accepts and files claims for most insurance carriers, including Medicare. See #3 above for more insurance information.

Have any question regarding our office policies? Talk to us today! Contact Us

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