We’re always looking for better, safer and more efficient treatments and technologies for our patients.

Through groundbreaking medical research, we have the opportunity to help patients obtain cutting-edge investigative treatments and drugs, which also helps excel the future of pulmonary medicine.

Pensacola Lung Group is actively engaged in changing the current state of pulmonary medicine through clinical trials. We work with our patients to connect them to clinical trials that may be beneficial to them. Beyond benefits at the personal level, clinical research helps bring new drugs and therapies to the masses, improving the lives of many around the world.

Through clinical trials, patients can get access to investigative drugs and treatments not currently available.

Your involvement in a clinical trial is completely voluntary. Clinical trials are regulated by very high performance and ethical standards set by the government, and patients can opt out at any time without consequence. You’ll work with our specialized physicians throughout the research process, and may receive treatment at no cost to you.

Pensacola Lung Group works together with Avanza Medical Research Center, a local clinical research organization, to conduct this research. If you’re interested in learning more about research or participating in a clinical trial, please visit AvanzaResearch.com or call (850) 477-9253.

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